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Export size

generated by export-size
version: 10.2.0
date: 2023-06-06T20:51:12.857Z

Please note this is bundle size for each individual APIs (excluding Vue). Since we have a lot shared utilities underneath each function, importing two different functions does NOT necessarily mean the bundle size will be the sum of them (usually smaller). Depends on the bundler and minifier you use, the final result might vary, this list is for reference only.


useDark3.03 kB
useColorMode2.89 kB
createFetch2.76 kB
useFetch2.42 kB
useMediaControls2.41 kB
useSessionStorage2.03 kB
useLocalStorage2.02 kB
useStorage1.99 kB
useInfiniteScroll1.98 kB
useVirtualList1.8 kB
useThrottledRefHistory1.73 kB
useDebouncedRefHistory1.7 kB
useStorageAsync1.63 kB
useTimeAgo1.63 kB
useUrlSearchParams1.59 kB
useAnimate1.56 kB
useScroll1.53 kB
useParallax1.5 kB
useScreenSafeArea1.5 kB
useRefHistory1.45 kB
useImage1.39 kB
useDraggable1.36 kB
usePointerLock1.36 kB
useWebSocket1.34 kB
useGamepad1.25 kB
useAsyncState1.17 kB
useElementBounding1.15 kB
useTransition1.15 kB
usePointer1.14 kB
useMouseInElement1.12 kB
useDevicesList1.09 kB
useFullscreen1.05 kB
usePointerSwipe1.04 kB
useClipboard1.02 kB
useMagicKeys1.02 kB
useSwipe996 B
useIdle977 B
useWebNotification964 B
useWindowSize964 B
useElementSize955 B
useElementByPoint953 B
useBrowserLocation952 B
useBreakpoints915 B
useScrollLock915 B
onKeyPressed908 B
onKeyUp906 B
onKeyDown904 B
useTitle903 B
onClickOutside893 B
useFileSystemAccess878 B
useTextareaAutosize869 B
useOnline830 B
useMouse825 B
useTextDirection821 B
useCssVar820 B
useTimestamp817 B
useNetwork814 B
useNow788 B
formatTimeAgo774 B
useBase64769 B
useFocusWithin769 B
usePermission759 B
useWebWorkerFn749 B
useBattery743 B
createReusableTemplate738 B
useWakeLock727 B
useSpeechSynthesis724 B
useActiveElement712 B
useFileDialog707 B
onStartTyping704 B
useScreenOrientation704 B
useDeviceMotion703 B
useSpeechRecognition694 B
useElementVisibility692 B
useTextSelection681 B
useEventSource679 B
useMousePressed679 B
useScriptTag676 B
onLongPress675 B
useDeviceOrientation672 B
useResizeObserver671 B
useVibrate671 B
onKeyStroke651 B
useOffsetPagination650 B
useIntersectionObserver634 B
useNavigatorLanguage632 B
executeTransition630 B
useDropZone629 B
useMutationObserver613 B
useFocus605 B
useElementHover598 B
useBluetooth596 B
useKeyModifier587 B
usePreferredContrast583 B
usePageLeave576 B
usePreferredColorScheme570 B
useUserMedia569 B
useVModels567 B
usePreferredReducedMotion557 B
useWindowScroll555 B
useShare546 B
useDocumentVisibility542 B
usePreferredLanguages537 B
usePerformanceObserver536 B
usePreferredDark536 B
useVModel533 B
useWindowFocus532 B
useGeolocation526 B
useMemory524 B
useManualRefHistory516 B
useAsyncQueue511 B
useMediaQuery505 B
useCloned499 B
createTemplatePromise497 B
useParentElement496 B
useBroadcastChannel476 B
useDisplayMedia476 B
useStyleTag474 B
useEventListener467 B
useCycleList463 B
useFps458 B
useStepper433 B
useConfirmDialog418 B
useTimeoutPoll407 B
useMemoize403 B
useSorted366 B
TransitionPresets363 B
useFavicon362 B
asyncComputed358 B
computedAsync358 B
useCurrentElement355 B
useRafFn342 B
useEventBus332 B
useWebWorker322 B
useEyeDropper314 B
mapGamepadToXbox360Controller304 B
useDevicePixelRatio294 B
useObjectUrl278 B
templateRef270 B
usePrevious260 B
StorageSerializers246 B
setSSRHandler240 B
getSSRHandler213 B
useSupported194 B
computedInject183 B
breakpointsMasterCss178 B
useTemplateRefsList177 B
useCached169 B
DefaultMagicKeysAliasMap166 B
createUnrefFn166 B
unrefElement165 B
breakpointsSematic158 B
useMounted156 B
breakpointsBootstrapV5145 B
breakpointsTailwind145 B
breakpointsAntDesign141 B
breakpointsQuasar129 B
breakpointsVuetify124 B
cloneFnJSON122 B
customStorageEventName111 B
defaultNavigator108 B
defaultWindow104 B
defaultDocument101 B
defaultLocation100 B


UseColorMode6.07 kB
UseImage5.17 kB
UseScreenSafeArea4.77 kB
UseDraggable4.5 kB
UseOffsetPagination4.39 kB
UseVirtualList4.38 kB
UseDark4.35 kB
UseTimeAgo4.31 kB
UseMousePressed4.3 kB
UsePointer4.3 kB
UseNow4.28 kB
UseTimestamp4.27 kB
UseElementSize4.27 kB
OnClickOutside4.26 kB
OnLongPress4.26 kB
UseMouseInElement4.26 kB
UseElementVisibility4.25 kB
UseElementBounding4.25 kB
UseIdle4.24 kB
UseGeolocation4.24 kB
UsePointerLock4.24 kB
VOnClickOutside4.24 kB
vOnClickOutside4.24 kB
UseFullscreen4.24 kB
vScroll4.24 kB
UseMouse4.24 kB
UseDevicesList4.24 kB
UseWindowSize4.23 kB
UseEyeDropper4.23 kB
UseObjectUrl4.23 kB
vOnKeyStroke4.22 kB
UsePreferredColorScheme4.22 kB
UsePreferredDark4.22 kB
UsePreferredReducedMotion4.22 kB
UseWindowFocus4.22 kB
UsePreferredContrast4.22 kB
UsePreferredLanguages4.22 kB
vElementSize4.22 kB
UseDeviceMotion4.22 kB
UseDocumentVisibility4.22 kB
UseOnline4.22 kB
UsePageLeave4.22 kB
UseDevicePixelRatio4.22 kB
UseActiveElement4.22 kB
UseDeviceOrientation4.22 kB
UseBrowserLocation4.21 kB
vElementVisibility4.21 kB
UseNetwork4.21 kB
UseBattery4.21 kB
VOnLongPress4.19 kB
vOnLongPress4.19 kB
vIntersectionObserver4.19 kB
vElementHover4.19 kB
vInfiniteScroll4.18 kB
vScrollLock4.15 kB


usePrecision240 B
useClamp214 B
useMath198 B
useProjection196 B
useAverage195 B
useSum194 B
createProjection193 B
useMin191 B
useMax190 B
createGenericProjection132 B
and123 B
logicAnd123 B
logicOr122 B
or122 B
useTrunc120 B
useAbs115 B
useCeil115 B
useRound115 B
useFloor114 B
logicNot109 B
not109 B


default785 B


useRouteParams612 B
useRouteQuery607 B
useRouteHash514 B


useAxios1.56 kB
useAsyncValidator1.34 kB
useDrauu928 B
createCookies727 B
useSortable720 B
useFocusTrap718 B
useCookies691 B
useIDBKeyval675 B
useFuse445 B
useNProgress425 B
useChangeCase385 B
useQRCode371 B
useJwt313 B
moveArrayElement238 B


useSubject235 B
fromEvent217 B
useObservable212 B
from153 B
useSubscription144 B
toObserver88 B


useFirestore637 B
useRTDB210 B
useAuth164 B


useIpcRenderer460 B
useZoomFactor317 B
useZoomLevel281 B
useIpcRendererOn242 B
useIpcRendererInvoke218 B


watchTriggerable942 B
throttledWatch831 B
watchThrottled831 B
useDateFormat807 B
debouncedWatch786 B
watchDebounced786 B
ignorableWatch708 B
watchIgnorable708 B
pausableWatch674 B
watchPausable674 B
useInterval620 B
until595 B
useTimeout565 B
formatDate543 B
watchAtMost510 B
controlledRef489 B
refWithControl474 B
refThrottled458 B
throttledRef458 B
useThrottle458 B
reactivePick454 B
toRefs451 B
debouncedRef423 B
refDebounced423 B
useDebounce423 B
useThrottleFn401 B
computedEager398 B
eagerComputed398 B
reactiveOmit381 B
watchWithFilter373 B
useDebounceFn372 B
makeDestructurable364 B
useIntervalFn341 B
useArrayIncludes340 B
watchDeep325 B
watchImmediate322 B
reactifyObject305 B
useTimeoutFn303 B
throttleFilter289 B
extendRef282 B
watchArray281 B
debounceFilter277 B
reactiveComputed264 B
normalizeDate261 B
computedWithControl250 B
controlledComputed250 B
toReactive242 B
syncRef237 B
autoResetRef234 B
refAutoReset234 B
useArrayDifference231 B
useArrayUnique215 B
createSharedComposable213 B
createEventHook212 B
useToNumber203 B
useToggle200 B
useArrayFindLast191 B
useCounter185 B
createReactiveFn174 B
increaseWithUnit174 B
reactify174 B
useArrayReduce171 B
resolveRef169 B
pausableFilter165 B
toRef159 B
syncRefs158 B
isIOS146 B
useLastChanged143 B
set142 B
createFilterWrapper139 B
directiveHooks139 B
useArrayEvery137 B
useArrayFind137 B
useArrayJoin137 B
useArraySome137 B
useArrayFindIndex136 B
useArrayMap133 B
createInjectionState132 B
useArrayFilter132 B
createGlobalState125 B
createSingletonPromise122 B
objectPick117 B
objectOmit115 B
tryOnBeforeMount114 B
useToString111 B
tryOnMounted109 B
refDefault107 B
watchOnce107 B
promiseTimeout105 B
tryOnScopeDispose100 B
resolveUnref99 B
whenever97 B
rand95 B
tryOnBeforeUnmount93 B
toValue92 B
isObject89 B
clamp87 B
isDefined86 B
tryOnUnmounted85 B
hasOwn83 B
containsProp80 B
get80 B
assert78 B
notNullish70 B
bypassFilter69 B
isClient68 B
identity66 B
objectEntries65 B
timestamp65 B
invoke63 B
isDef62 B
now61 B
noop56 B

Released under the MIT License.